Staff Scientist
Dr. Ali Bashashati

Research Associate (UBC)
Dr. Cydney Nielsen

Post-Doctoral Fellows
Dr. Camila de Souza (co-supervised by Dr. Jennifer Bryan and Dr. Nancy Heckman)
Dr. Hossein Farahani
Dr. Andrew McPherson
Dr. Andrew Roth
Dr. Yikan Wang

Graduate Students
Fong Chun Chan
Jiarui Ding, UBC Computer Science
Fatemeh Dorri
Tyler Funnell
Alborz Mazloomian
Sohrab Salehi
Maia Smith
Adi Steif (co-supervised by Dr. Samuel Aparicio)
Allen Zhang, MD/PhD student (co-supervised by Dr. Wyeth Wasserman)

Co-op Student
Jamie Xu

Research Staff
Mirela Andronescu, Bioinformatics Scientist
Mohamed Radhouane Aniba, Bioinformatician
Diljot Grewal, Junior software developer
Daniel Lai, Research Trainee/Intern
Daniel Machev, Software developer
Mohammad Jafar Taghiyar Renani, Bioinformatics / Software developer
Saeed Saberi, Bioinformatics scientist
Karey Shumansky, Bioinformatician

Claire Barretto
Khushboo Chachcha
Ryan Giuliany MSc, Design Analyst
Dr. Gavin Ha, Post-doctoral Fellow at the Broad Institute
Dr. Gholamreza Haffari, Lecturer at Monash University
Dr. Yifei Huang
Boyang (Tom) Jin
Jeffrey Knaggs
Minh (Alan) Le
Calvin Lefebvre
Kenneth Wing Cheung Lui
Lovedeep Malik
Celia Siu
Kevin Wagner
Yu Wang
Jill (Yajie) Zhou